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It is quite difficult for a customer who first applies for services to the web development market to navigate among many contractors who are ready to perform any work on creating and promoting a site. The customer acts at random, often receiving a low-quality product and a lot of negative emotions.

Now the web studio market is oversaturated. This happened because the cost of entering the market is minimal. Anyone who feels within himself a commercial vein, first of all turns his attention to the Internet business sector. This can be explained by the minimal cost to start.

To open a web development Larnaca company, it’s enough to assemble a team of 2-3 people, launch the studio’s website and start searching for customers. It is not necessary to rent an office. Employees can work remotely, and appointments can be made in a cafe or at the customer’s office.

If it’s freelance, then here it’s enough to simply register on a professional exchange.

Web development market.

The web development Larnaca market is not as wild as it was several years ago, but you cannot call it civilized either. Large companies, going online or developing existing projects, try to work with large companies that are leaders in the web development Larnaca market.

Such studios are always characterized by high prices. They are not interested in projects on several pages and 20,000 rubles. It is more profitable for them to work with larger orders. They will offer you a full package of quality services, beautiful design, a fully functional portal, but the starting price will be about 100,000 rubles.

But why pay so much money if your business is just developing and you need a simple but beautiful website with several pages and 10 products, and you do not need forums or portals? In the lower price categories, small studios with staff of 2-3 people and single freelancers work. The average cost of their projects is 10,000-15,000 rubles.

As a rule, small studios are characterized by 2-3 projects in the portfolio and the low qualifications of the staff thanks that they can not afford to pay high-class specialists. Beginning webmasters usually work in such studios to fill up resumes with work experience and portfolio of studio projects.

These studios often disrupt project deadlines, make poor quality sites, but because of low prices, they still find customers from small customer companies. Small web studios either grow out of their price niche and become recognized market players, or do not develop at all, remaining in their niche of low-budget projects.

I spoke with the director of such a studio. He had two managers on staff, one designer and one multi-worker webmaster, who was constantly in the deadline mode. Naturally, they could not boast of the quality of the projects.

Freelancers are easiest to find on special exchanges. Here you can also often come across studio managers. Beginning freelancers, it’s possible, are ready to fulfill an order and simply for a review, i.e. is free. But in this case, there is a very high risk of falling into an unscrupulous person who simply disappears at the most interesting moment.

Web studio reputation.

To cooperate with studios that have no reputation in the market, I would highly recommend. Usually young studios do their best to attract the first customers: dumping, offer favorable conditions, etc. But there is a certain risk of playing the dark, because you are not immune from commonplace fraud.

Any studio should have a portfolio, someone more, someone less, but it should be. But it sometimes happens that studios use projects in their portfolio that they don’t even have an indirect relationship with: personal projects of employees, projects of other companies, projects created by the site owners themselves. It is useful to talk personally with each customer. Make sure that they collaborated with this studio. What impressions did they have of cooperation, do they recommend them. Any customer will share this information. If he is satisfied with the cooperation, he will tell you this; if not, then, in revenge for the lost time and money, he will also tell you all the details.

Ask a question to any search engine with the name of the selected studio, and pay attention to thematic forums. There often flicker reviews about companies participating in the web development market. It’s not worth taking all the reviews on faith. Frequent studios hire special people to post positive reviews or negative reviews about competitors, but the overall picture can be appreciated.

Find a freelancer.

You can also find a freelancer or team for a small project. Here you can save up to half the budget, but there are certain risks and pitfalls. How to find a freelancer?

As I already wrote, freelancers, for the most part, live on exchanges.

For the customer, first of all, it is necessary to clearly formulate their requirements and place an appropriate order. Then you will begin to receive applications from freelancers for the job. They indicate their terms, amount and some additional skills that should help you in choosing.

Like web studios, freelancers have a portfolio. It is worth paying attention to it first of all. It also needs to be carefully checked, since there are frequent cases of theft of the portfolio or simply ascribing to yourself non-existent projects. Be sure to contact 2-3 customers and find out if they really collaborated with this person and how they characterize him.

There is a system of reviews and ratings on exchanges. The freelancer cannot edit the review itself; the customer leaves it for a specific completed project. But there are cheat reviews. The scheme is this: a project is being created for a front man, a freelancer is doing nothing, it seems like he is completing a project and receiving positive feedback. Therefore, here, too, it is necessary to carefully check everything.

The age of a freelancer on the exchange also plays an important role. If a person is registered for several years, has positive reviews and a good portfolio – this is a potentially good candidate.

If your account is several months old, think about it. Either this is generally new to this business, or his previous account was deleted by the administration for fraud, or the old account was simply overwhelmed with negative reviews.

I do not recommend novice customers contact freelancers. But if you still decide on this step – try to find a person from your city, for a personal meeting. Such requirements on exchanges are not uncommon, so there is nothing suspicious about this.

Carefully study the portfolio, talk with freelancer clients, read reviews. Pay attention to how long a person has been listed.

The conclusion from all that has been said is the following – before concluding an agreement with a contractor, freelancer or studio, be sure to study all open sources, since there are a lot of them on the Internet (up to social networks). This will save you money, nerves and time.

Web Development Larnaca
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